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When you said that I was overlooking the same opportunities [in my phone consultation], I argued otherwise. I enjoyed the consult, but it didn't click until you made the changes and I used the [document] again. I am telling you that I actually went back and re-applied for the same job and got a call back two weeks later. And [the recruiter] didn't even realize I had submitted my [older version] resume before! It's insane! Thank you, thank you so much! It was so nice working with you.”

Julie T, Corvallis OR

I received my edits back, and I am in love with it. Please send a Word version. I'm going to use it ASAP. Thank you for your help!”

Mark L, Houston TX

I am writing to praise [XXXX] for his amazing work on my personal branding consultation. I have gone from having no clue what to do, after being out of work for so long, to actually having a vision and some doggone self-respect. I am grateful for the way he took his time with my mess and how he said "we'll polish this" and actually did. This is a wonderful experience and I am so happy to have used your company.”

Maria S, Hoboken NJ

I followed your 14-day course to the tee, and it's masterful! I was unemployed for a while, I decided to just sign up for it, and see what you guys had to say. It is on point. It's like having a personal job advisor dedicated to results, like you said. I have finally gotten one interview so far, which is better than the zero I'd been batting for the past few months. Thanks.”

Tom P, Phoenix AR

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