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Every day, Life Branders' consultants work with clients like you, who are frustrated by the job market. We've decided to compile our consultants' very best secrets in a dynamic, 14-Day Career Makeover™, to help you achieve job success! This powerful 14-Day Career Makeover™ is filled with tips, case studies and action guides that tell you precisely what you're doing wrong with your resume, interviews, and overall job profile.
(NOTE: In addition to this 14-Day Career Makeover™, you may choose to set up a personal coaching session with an experienced recruiter, who will help you lift your resume from the bottom of the pile, to the top.)

In this bootcamp, you will learn:
• How to define & control your work patterns, so that you have the upper hand in your career search
• How to effectively use networks and contacts to catapult your resume/job profile into the right hands
• How to stop procrastinating, and instead follow a day-by-day plan to either strengthen your current role or land yourself a brand new, better-fitting job or career

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have:
• A blueprint for how to solve job/career search mistakes you're making, so that you can stop getting in your own way
• 14 effective 'Action Plans' that push you towards accomplishing a daily career goal
• Proven templates that can increase the likelihood of your landing a new job/career, if followed properly

Try out this career-boosting course today & get started on your journey to exquisite personal branding and career success!


"I took this course when it was taught as a 30-Day course in New York, and I swear the instructor changed my life! I don't just have a new job, I have a totally new way of thinking about work..."

   -    Orly Sanchez-Port

"I bought this, paired it with the chatting-and I think it's genius...in fact, I think the woman who coached me is brilliant. Thanks."

   -    Madeleine Francis

"I don't have too much structure in my life [...] and this disciplined me, I like that. I liked the layout. You just do what it tells you to do every day. At the very least [with this course], I felt less lonely & bummy about my joblessness. After I finished Day 14, someone I contacted while doing the makeover actually called me for a meeting. I did a double-take, like - I can't believe this actually works..."

   -    Ron

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